Nurse Educator and Certified Sleep Consultant

Yay! You found the Sleep Nurse website


You probably found your way here because you desperately want a better night’s sleep. Or, maybe you are hoping to help your child sleep better (so you can get some much needed Zzz’s).

My guess is that you are reading this with eyes half open? During a time when you might otherwise be sleeping? Or maybe you have given up on sleep for the day and have already moved on to your beloved cup of caffeine goodness!?


So, let’s keep this simple!

You are in the right place!

So happy to meet you! I’m Maisie.

I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and a Sleep Consultant.
I specialize in providing Sleep Education. My Mission is to support and inspire families to make informed choices around sleep, so they rest easy, and experience a greater quality of life.

My goal is to help clients Sleep Smarter, one night at a time, throughout their lifetime – by educating them in the art and science of sleep.

Maisie Zzz

So what exactly does the Sleep Nurse do? It is a question that I get asked ALL the time! (If you just learned that professional sleep support exists, you are not alone)

Simply put – I offer a smarter approach for babies, children, adults (and families!) struggling with sleep. I give you all the support you need to sleep easy night after night.

Have complex needs? Not a problem. My experience and background offers me a unique ability to help special needs clients!

I also have a special love for working with parents raising twins! (or multiples)

I start out with Sleep Education, customizing and tailoring it to meet your needs. Then I work collaboratively with you, helping you to feel comfortable, making sleep goals that are both realistic and achievable. Next, I guide you through the change process. You are in the driver’s seat on this journey!

I serve as your instructor, advocate & coach.

But most importantly, working with the Sleep Nurse will help keep you accountable. Anyone who has ever joined a fitness membership, or started a health cleanse, or new diet knows accountability is EVERYTHING!

If you keep Googling sleep tips, hoping for that “quick fix” you are likely to be disappointed. I want you to be successful. The Sleep Nurse has the knowledge, and experience to get you there.

Its time to Sleep Smarter tonight, so you can Live Better tomorrow!

Wondering if the Sleep Nurse is a good fit for you?

Take a few seconds to ask yourself:
Do you long for a good night’s sleep
Have you read about, or tried to implement better sleep strategies?
Do you feel confused or torn by the advice you have been given?
Are you scared that you might have created “bad habits?”
Do you feel guilty or embarrassed? Do you feel judged?
Is sleep deprivation negatively affecting your life? Or putting you at risk?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions…

You are definitely in the right place!

Read through my philosophy, and FAQ sections to learn more.

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I utilize a Gentle & Holistic approach,

offering a variety of evidence-based methods to meet your sleep needs.
Whatever plan you choose, know that my main goal is for you to feel more rested.

The Sleep Smarter Package (click here) is customized based on your goals (not ours),
and is specific to your own unique situation, and challenges. Importantly, my approach is gentle and matched with your child’s temperament and your family’s parenting philosophy.

But what does being gentle mean exactly? Well, it means that I do not recommend any method that involves leaving your child alone to cry themselves to sleep. This includes most methods that fall under the category of “Sleep Training” such as “cry-it-out,” or timed-checks.

Don’t have children? That’s okay, we work with sleepless adults too!

Uh-oh they’re calling the SleepNurse!