Sleep Nurse


Babies & Children

Let the Sleep Nurse get your kids (and you!) sleeping better.

Parents today are constantly being bombarded with questions & insensitive statements. Seems that almost everyone has an opinion to share. Not surprisingly, many of these judgments are about sleep.

As a parent, I have no doubt that you have been asked…

Is your baby “good”?

Does your child sleep through the night?

And they’re HOW old?

Somehow, the suggestion is that you are less of a parent, simply because your loved one has difficulties with sleep.
Simply put, this is not true! The fact that you’re visiting my website, tells me that YOU ARE A GOOD PARENT!

The reality is, that babies (and children) wake up, and for good reason!

The early months and years of parenthood are a sleep deprived blur for many…

But they don’t have to be!

Say hello to the Sleep Nurse!

I specialize in providing Sleep Education.

Because, “when you know why babies do the things they do,
it’s easier to figure out how to respond”. ~ Dr. Sears

My approach is gentle and matched with your child’s temperament and your family’s parenting philosophy.

Let me help your littles (and you!) start sleeping better today!

How can the Sleep Nurse help you?

Every story is different.
But these are the most common concerns we hear:

Baby wakes up multiple times during the night
Wants to feed ALL night long
Won’t fall asleep on their own
Needing to be breastfed, rocked to sleep for hours
Can’t fall asleep without their soother or pacifier
Baby wakes up when putting them back into crib
Toddler or child won’t stay in their bed
Baby or child screams when you leave the room (i.e. separation anxiety)

Sometimes the goal is to help out Mom!
Little one wakes up to early – rise and shine!
Wont nap, or has short naps
Fear of creating “bad habits”
Wanting alone time in the evenings
Transitioning out from co-sleeping or bed-sharing
How do you know when it is safe to start night weaning

Sound Familiar?

Want to Know More!?

These are just some of the things the Sleep Nurse can help with…

The Basics of Sleep Education:
Exploring where you (and your littles) sleep best
Reviewing safe sleep practices
Handy ‘parenting to sleep’ tools and soothing strategies
Age appropriate sleep, awake, and feeding schedules
Support to create a bedtime (or nap) routine that works for everyone
Learning all about developmental stages, sweet spots, and tricky times
Tips for sleep regressions

They Grow so Fast:
Eliminating the bedtime battle
Get your evenings back!
Teach them to fall asleep (and back to sleep) independently
Nightmares & night terrors

Strategies for Handling Change – and other not so fun things:
★ Returning to work
Bed transitions (i.e. transitioning from crib to toddler beds)
Starting daycare
Illness (anything from colds or reflux)
Travel Tips!
And we can’t forget about that dreaded daylight savings time change!