Sleep Nurse


Core Values Exercise

Clear some time when you will be uninterrupted and can focus for at least 15-30 minutes to complete this core value exercise.

1) Use your imagination, and picture yourself in the past, prior to your current situation. You do not have any children. Now, envision your future-perfect life, complete with your future-perfect family.

2) With this in mind, I want you to consider which of the following statements are the most important to you. *Remember: you are selecting what is most important, not based on your current situation, but based on a perspective that your present life has not yet unfolded before you.

3) Next "click" to select the 8-10 statements that matter most to you (There are 35 statements in total - do not select them all!). These might be things already going well for the present you, or things that are challenges right now. That doesn't matter. Just select what most aligns with your core values.

4) Next, for those 8-10 statements, you may step down from your 'cloud' and back in your current life. Now indicate whether these statements are going well (Strength), going okay (Average), or are not going well (Challenge)