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Our Sleep Smarter Package

Sleep disorders do not discriminate based on age, so I work with people across the lifespan – From the early newborn, toddler, and preschool years to childhood, tween, and teens, even adults and seniors struggle with sleep! I work with clients directly, but also work closely with parents, caregivers and families supporting others in need.

I am happy to work with anyone struggling with sleep, but am proud to be one of very few sleep consultants who specializes in working with BIG KIDS! This includes navigating sleep difficulties for toddlers and preschoolers, right through the school aged years.

I also have a special skill set that equips me to support families coping with some really challenging and complex sleep needs, such as twins, triplets, and multiples, high spirited children, and children with disabilities, such as Autism.

I am unique from other sleep consultants in that I work collaboratively with my clients to identify your most pressing concern(s) around sleep. I don’t just hand you a one-size-fits most guide, and a list of sleep tips and wish you well. The Sleep Smarter Package starts off with Sleep Education and includes a Wellness Assessment and a customized Sleep Plan to help you get more sleep, AND feel more rested!

Sleep Education

As part of your Sleep Package, you will receive a Sleep Education Session. My goal is to provide you with all the information you need so you can cut through the confusing and conflicting information and feel comfortable making decisions regarding sleep.

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Customized Sleep Plan

As part of your Sleep Package, you will also receive a Customized Sleep Plan. This is an invaluable resource that summarizes all the information from the education and consultation process, and guides families through a respectful change process. Each and every Sleep Plan is individualized, based on the unique needs of the client. Also, you can rest easy knowing that all my plans are gentle, and evidence based.

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Customized Wellness Assessment

Last, but not least, you will also receive a Customized Wellness Plan. This is because, a better sleep is only part of the solution. The creation of a healthy life balance is key! Life is busy, and all too often we forget or neglect our own health needs. Add in night time parenting, or work stress to your already sleep deprived self and you have got a recipe for disaster.

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How it Works

When working with the Sleep Nurse you will receive:

1. A thorough review of your completed consultation forms (prior to your appointment)

2. The Sleep Nurse will then consult with you (and your family, or care network if you so choose) for 1-2 hours (can be in your own home or electronically*). This will include:
a. An in-depth discussion and assessment of your current needs
b. A Sleep Education session adapted to your unique situation
c. Collaborative decision making between you, and the Sleep Nurse

3. Following the initial appointment, you will receive your Sleep Smarter Package, which includes:
a. A written summary your Sleep Education Session;
b. Your Customized Sleep Plan;
c. And, your Wellness Assessment

4. Upon receipt of your Customized Sleep Smarter Package you will receive 2 weeks (*or more, depending on the package selected) of email support to assist you while you review and start to implement of your plan

5. Finally, I will schedule your follow up session(s) helping you to stay consistent, confident and motivated.

Sleep Smarter, Live Better Zzz

*Your Sleep Consultation can occur in home, or electronically via (via phone, email, Facetime, Skype or equivalent)
**Need more time? Additional support is always available.
***Special rates apply to returning clients – because life happens!

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