Sleep Nurse


Customized Sleep Plan

Sleep is critical. We need it to survive, and to function in daily life. So why are so many of us sleep deprived? I believe that sleep is both an innate behaviour (i.e. you are born knowing how to sleep) and a skill that can be learned and improved upon.

My mission is to support and inspire our clients to make positive changes around sleep. I work collaboratively with clients forming goals that are not only realistic they are achievable! Then I guide you though the change process. You, as the client are in the driver’s seat on this journey. Don’t worry, you can rest easy knowing that all of my plans are gentle, and evidence based.

Depending on your needs, your Customized Sleep Plan may include some of the following:

Helpful for Everyone

    • Checklists for creating an optimal sleep environment
    • Sleep hygiene strategies
    • No-Stress bedtime routine ideas
    • Relaxation strategies
    • Tips to configure your sleep space to improve sleep quality
    • Help to create healthy expectations that are realistic for your situation

Parents & Little Sleepers…

    • Handy parenting to sleep tools and soothing strategies
    • Support to create a nap routine that works for everyone
    • Strategies for handling change, such as illness, daycare, travel and TEETHING
    • Tips for sleep regressions (I prefer to call them sleep PRO-gressions)
    • Specific tools for night-time weaning
    • Transitions to independent sleeping and toddler beds
    • And more…