Customized Wellness Assessment

In today’s busy society we often forget or neglect our own health needs. Add in work stress, or night time parenting to your sleep deprivation and you have got a recipe for disaster. A better sleep is only part of the solution, the creation of a healthy life balance is key!

A note for parents:
I recognize that some degree of night waking is both healthy and normal for optimal brain development in babies and children, so strive to support parents’ need for rest and overall wellness so that nighttime parenting is possible.
As part of your holistic Wellness Plan, I will provide guidance on strategies for increasing rest and wellness regardless of your child’s sleep patterns.

Common Topics:

  • Uncovering underlying concerns around self-care
  • Strategies to improve your significant relationship
  • Rediscovering yourself as a parent
  • Systems to manage household duties
  • Helping you find time in you day
  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Daytime parenting skills
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • And more…