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1. What makes the Sleep Nurse different from other sleep consultants?

I am not just a sleep consultant. I am a mom of twin boys, and a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, with years of university education and experience working in the field of mental health & wellness. My educational and employment background is important given there are no regulatory or government bodies within the field of sleep. Whether it be sleep consulting, sleep training, or sleep education, most of the training programs only consist of a few weeks of training, and have no educational pre-requisites. What this means is that pretty much anyone can call themselves a sleep expert, with little to no training, or experience. Given how significantly sleep impacts our health, I strongly urge you to research your options.

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2. What is Sleep Education?

As a sleep educator, I help individuals and families to better understand normal sleep behaviour – everything from sleep patterns, and daily sleep requirements, to frequency of night-time awakenings. I will teach you how to respond to your baby/child, and help you to develop tools and strategies so you can build on your parenting to sleep skills, all while helping to ensure a strong attachment and optimal brain development. Often this involves incorporating a number of lifestyle changes to help the whole family get more zzz’s.

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3. How is this different from Sleep Training?

Sleep training and sleep education share the common goal for families to feel more rested, but they differ significantly in how they arrive at their goal. Sleep training involves a lot of crying that most parents find traumatic. While sleep training was once considered best practice, research is now suggesting that it might be harmful. We now know that babies who are sleep trained are not actually sleeping through the night. They have just been trained that there is no point to cry as their needs will be ignored. Instead, they sit awake in their cribs, alone, in the dark night-after-night.

When it comes to babies and young children, we know that intensive periods of crying and neglect can have lasting implications for brain health and development.

Sleep education is more holistic, looking at the bigger picture. We will work with you to find solutions to get more sleep without compromising normal healthy development, and with minimal crying.

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4. My child has a disability, can you still help us?

Absolutely! I have spent the better part of my career specializing in working with people who have disabilities. Everyone deserves a better sleep! Getting there can sometimes take a bit longer, but the reward is worth the effort. Research shows that sleep plays a key role in the reduction of many mental health challenges – like ADHD, irritability, and aggression – that children and adults with a disability can face on a daily basis.

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5. Will my baby or child cry?

The short answer to this question is yes. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong! Babies do not like change, they do not understand it, and find it frightening. They are hardwired to cry in new and fearful situations. The important thing to know is that you will never be encouraged to let your baby cry alone.

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6. Will my baby or child sleep through the night?

Maybe. Hopefully. My goal is to help you get more sleep, and feel well rested. Some babies, and children have high needs, and strong temperaments that make lengthening (also known as consolidating) sleep difficult. It is also important to note what normal sleep behaviour is. Most new parents do not realize that it is developmentally normal (and healthy!) for a baby to wake up multiple times during the night. Night waking is actually very important for brain development!

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7. What if I can’t afford your services?

I recognize that private consultations may be a luxury to many, but strive to help as many people as I can. I have many free and lower cost options available. I am also happy to adapt any package to meet your needs. Consider attending one of my workshops, or bring along your mommy friends to be eligible for group rates.

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I also have gift cards! Better sleep is pretty much the perfect baby shower gift.

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8. I don’t live locally, do you deliver services elsewhere?

Not a problem! I am physically located in the city of Surrey, I have clients throughout British Columbia. The wonders of modern society allow me to provide electronic support to anyone (via phone, email, Skype, Messenger, Facetime or equivalent).

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