Sleep Nurse

Meet the Sleep Nurse


Are you exhausted? Are you tired of frequent night awakenings and dreaming of the day when you and your family can sleep through the night?

As a mom of twin boys, I’ve been there (but lets be real here….sometimes life still happens!). Still, I can vividly remember the days spent breastfeeding (or trying to), offering bottle top ups and pumping trying to ensure my boys were fed, and that I had enough milk.

I was lucky if I could get an hour to sleep between the twins’ feedings – and that was assuming I could fall asleep in the first place. My insomnia was a whole other issue.

This was not maintainable. I wasn’t coping. I was miserable, during a time that was ‘supposed’ to be joyous.

But it got better. I read a lot about sleep. I started to add a rhythm and routine to my days.

I reached out for support, and tried the many sleep tools that I have taught as part of my career as a mental health nurse. And guess what, it worked. We started sleeping better. My boys were rested, I was rested, and my husband was happy.

A spark was lit inside me. I could do this!

I began helping my Mommy friends, and soon their babes were sleeping better. The feeling was priceless. I was hooked, and took the (big and scary) leap to private practice. In truth, it wasn’t really that big of a leap. My career as a registered psychiatric nurse, laid the perfect foundation. I already had the skills, I just needed the inspiration and drive to make a change. Having kids was the boost I needed.

I have worked in the health care field for nearly 15 years. My experience is varied from crisis intervention and acute mental health, to case management. More recently, I have specialized in providing education and care to families and individuals with developmental disabilities. Sleep deprivation, and sleep disorders have been a common theme throughout my career.

Post Secondary Education:

• Certification as a Holistic Sleep Coach (OCN Level 6) – Babyem w/ the fabulous Lyndsey Hookway *this is the highest level of certification that exists in the sleep world!
• Certification as an Infant Sleep Educator – Bebo Mia
• Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing – Stenberg College *awarded for top academic performance with a 94% average
• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Vancouver Island University *with distinction
• Diploma in Criminology – Vancouver Island University

Employment Experience:

• Child & Youth Mental Health Counselor – Ministry of Children & Families (2019-2020)

• Registered Psychiatric Nurse – Interior Health & Fraser Health (2011-2019)
• Child & Youth Mental Health Outreach Counsellor – NARSF Programs Ltd. (2010)
• Community Support Worker – Nanaimo Supportive Lifestyles Ltd. (2006-2010)
• Addiction Support Worker – Edgewood Treatment Centre (2006)
• Crisis Intervention Worker – Kuu-Us Crisis Line (2005-2006)

Additional Training:

Sleeposium: A Virtual Conference and Advanced Training Program for Sleep Consultants – Online (2019, 2020, & 2021)

Health & Wellbeing in Children, Youth, and Adults with Developmental Disabilities Conference – UBC, Vancouver, B.C.
Safety Management & Violence Prevention Training – Various
Trauma Informed Practice Certification – Interior Health, Kamloops, BC
Consent and Legal Issues in Mental Health – Gerrit Clements, Williams Lake, B.C.
Dementia in Persons with Developmental Disabilities Conference – UNBC, Prince George, B.C.
Mental Health and Developmental Disability Training – Child and Youth Mental Health, Richmond, B.C.
Motivational Interviewing Training – Vancouver Island Health Authority, Nanaimo, BC
Stress and the Family: Widening the Lens (Bowen Family Systems Conference) – Living Systems, Vancouver, B.C.
Trauma with Children and Youth Workshop – Nanaimo Family Life, Nanaimo, B.C.
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certificate (A.S.I.S.T.) – Living Works Education Inc., Nanaimo, B.C.
• And More…

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