Sleep Nurse


The Sleep Nurse Philosophy

If you’re feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, or at your wits end, I can help you create customized sleep solutions that work for you AND your family.

I take a unique stance on sleep. I view sleep from a biological and evolutionary perspective; with both science and your family in mind.

You see the thing is, sleep is a biological drive. We are born knowing how to sleep…we even sleep in the womb! But falling asleep (and back to sleep) independently without parental support is quite different. For starters, its not biologically normal, which means it is something that will be learned and developed over time.

Some view independent sleep as a developmental milestone – just like crawling or walking. Forcing someone to crawl or walk before they are ready would ultimately result in frustration and tears. What most people don’t realize is, that it is no different when it comes to sleep. It cannot be rushed. It cannot be forced, and it cannot be taught.

We learn to fall asleep on our own, when we are good and ready, and on our own timeline. BUT that does not mean you are doomed. There are plenty of things you can do to help your little one get some more Zzz’s. A good night’s sleep is possible!

I have a holistic, evidence-based, ‘no cry’ approach to sleep that not only WORKS but is gentle, and collaborative.

I do not offer Band-Aid, one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead I work with my clients to uncover the root of their sleep problem(s). I teach you to trust your instincts, and provide you with all of the information you need to make empowering solutions for lasting change – while encouraging optimal brain development, and for our parents…a healthy attachment between you and your littles.

My end goal is for my clients (and their families) to develop a healthy relationship with sleep, setting the stage for a good night’s sleep now, and laying the foundation for good sleep habits down the road!

Sounds Good Right!?