Sleep Nurse

Prenatal Group Classes

“Having a baby? Better sleep while you can!”

“You don’t know tired, until you have kids!”

“What sleep!?”

Sounds familiar right!? That’s because the #1 concern for new parents is SLEEP and how to get it!

The best way to get a good night sleep is to start healthy habits early!

Dream On is a Prenatal Class designed to teach the Art and Science of infant sleep. This class helps to set up healthy expectations and offers “parenting to sleep” tools to parents BEFORE baby arrives.

Using evidence based research, I help set parents up for the best start possible. Not only do I get parents on the same page as far as infant sleep knowledge, but you will also learn about schedules, calming techniques and ‘normal’ sleep patterns for a baby. I want to help set the stage for good sleep habits so that your baby can grow up knowing that bedtime is a safe and peaceful time .

Better Sleep from the Start.

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