Sleep Nurse


Twins & Multiples

I LOVE working with multiples!

As a Mom of twin boys, I know how challenging sleep can be. The good news is that sleep is possible even with multiples, for some it can even be easier.

The even better news!? You are about to get another 2 for 1 deal because I do not charge extra for multiples! (Having multiples is expensive enough right!?)

I can help you decide on everything from sleeping arrangements to naps, and bedtime. Like all of my packages, I completely customize multiples’ consultations because while multiples may look the same (or not!), they are very different people, with unique temperaments, personalities, and yes even sleep habits.

Common Topics:

  • Debunking commonly held myths about multiples
  • Deciding on one crib or more
  • Will they share a room or have individual nurseries?
  • Have you thought about room sharing or co-sleeping?
  • Feeding together or on demand?
  • Pros and cons to scheduling
  • Breastfeeding and milk production
  • Tips for getting rest amongst the craziness!
  • And more…